Webcomic Beacon #104: Fanfiction (Reprise)

Becky (Sailor Ranko), Thom (910 CMX), and Ben (Hero Academy) join Fes for a late-night discussion. We clear the air with some drama stirred up in episode 102, and then move on to discuss a bit more about fan fiction. We also talk about the creation of the 910 CMX Community.


Cover Art by: Ahmed Fahim of Antisoshell. Milestones: Also, Bagels (1yr), Epic Fail (1yr), Fera (1 yr)

Tangents Reviews, The Wotch, Cheer!, El Goonish Shive, Exiern, Sailor Sun, Other 910 comic forums, Dominic Durgan, Red Letter Media (Star Wars and Star Trek reviews), Eragon: The Greatest Movie Ever, There Will Be Brawl, Breakfast of the Gods, City of Reality, Penguicon, Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf’s polictical comic pages, Exiern Help.

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