Webcomic Beacon #103: Featuring R. C. Monroe

R. C. Monroe (Out There) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to talk about… stuff! We start with discussing R. C.’s ridiculously long buffer, cartooning style, and professionalism. From there we move on from there into a enjoyable assorted conversation!


Milestones: Stale Bacon (100), Imy (200), 1977 (300), Insert Comic Here (300), All Over The House (1 yr), Space Pirates of the Black Quarter (1yr),

Kickstarter, Out There’s  Two Cents in Sixty Seconds, Fleen article on Keenspot, Tin Lizard Productions, Comic Tools, Atop the Fourth Wall, Dungeon Legacy, WAGON Webcomic Battle, Engineers without Borders, Sailor Ranko,

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