Webcomic Beacon #102: Fanfiction

Ben Carver (Hero Academy) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Fanfiction. A little potential drama gets mixed in later, and Thom Katt calls in towards the end as well. Tanya gets riled up a lot, too! We broadcasted live with Ustream this time, and we’ll likely do it again.


Cover Art by: Zack (Insert Comic Here).

Rich Morris, The Ten Doctors, Sailor Ranko, 910 CMX, Little Kuriboh, Penguicon, Robot vs Jogging Girl.

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Holy shit, I just realized the HORRIBLE COINCIDENCES of this episode’s cover, in correlation to the show’s topic…. I picked this cover because it was given to us MONTHS ago. It was originally prepped for a Gaming Webcomics theme, but I picked it for a “Fan-Fiction-ish” type of cover…. So the other insinuation/coincidences are truly unintentional!!! Apologies.

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