Webcomic Beacon #101: IN SPACE!

IN SPACE! with Mark Mekkes (Zortic) and Tara Tallan (Galaxion) join Fes and Mark to discuss Science Fiction Webcomics, movies, and TV shows. Tanya was having headset problems but joined in the chat.


Milestones: Avoid Spikes (2 yrs), Baron Von Douches House of Pancakes (100), Precocious (400), Smyzer and Blyde (1 yr), School Spirit (800), Tree Lobsters (1 year).

Jump Leads, Jenny Everywhere, Star Slip, Station V3, Outsider, Marooned, Runners Universe, Moon Town, Dice Box, Alien Dice, Blank It, Surfboards and Rayguns, WC Fundraiser, Point Guardian, Out There, Life’s A Witch.

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