Webcomic Beacon #100: 2 Year Anniversary & 100 Episodes!

Ben “BAR-1” Rodriguez (Peter is the Wolf), Jules Rivera (March Rocket), JinxTigr (Tally Road), and Zoe Robinson (The Life of Nob T. Mouse and All Over the House) join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss a lot of things. This is a celebration of 2 years and 100 podcasts for the Webcomic Beacon. This week’s cover is by Elan of The Theory of Everything Comics. See the full-sized awesomeness in the Guest & Fan Art Section! Milestones: Life’s a Witch (300). Also the winner of the Becky Card Contest is Alex Heberling (Garanos)!


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(submitted to us via email)

Webcast No. 100 – “2 Years” – Webcomic Beacon
Fes read our quotable at the 1 year anniversary so it seemed only fitting that we shared in the 2nd year happenings – see below.

From – Kithara (writer) and Nimrod (artist) of “K C Strip”

Don’t get tongue-tied Fes!

Quotable: 2 YEARS

“Way to go Fes, Tanya and Mark the Webcomic Beacon has hit a double milestone!”
“Fes this one additional project that is well worth the effort – keep it up!”
“Tanya did you know you’d be dealing with 2 more boobs – did ya?”
“Mark, you are worthy, you are worthy…. and stuff.”
“Here’s to another great year of Webcomic Beacon!”

Quotable: Art Therapy

“JillyFoo’s art therapy webcast was a great topic.
With our comic (KC Strip) we split the writing and art work specifically for the reasons mentioned – lack of kung-fo in one area or another. Kithara’s heath is on and off just like Tanya’s and writing helps to provide an outlet for her frustrations. Nimrod’s art goes a long way to “support” the whole process. Being team on a comic reinforces being a team when dealing with chronic physical limitations.”

Yes Fes we are still in a forum but we are looking to get our comic out on a website of our own.

KC Strip Information: < FYI >
Kithara (writer) and Nimrod (artist) have been producing “K C Strip” together since August 2003.
The comic is fairly unique in that it is wholly embedded within an on-line forum.
All the characters within the comic are other forum members and it is their on-line avatars that are the characters within the strip. To date there are over three dozen characters that interact as if they are all in the same “universe” – even though they appear as very diverse entities.

The strip is about to finish a third two-year story arc that Kithara set up from the start. This was the only way that we could keep give all the characters even exposure because they represent actual people so there are some feelings to consider.

Kithara also has several health limitations including Fibromyalgia (like Tanya) and Lupus (which is personified in the comic and gets regularly dispatched by the other characters) which can limit her ability to work on the comic – hence the benefit of writing ahead.

This is a hobby but one that Kithara and Nimrod like doing as a couple. They have already begun working up the transition story that will take “K C Strip” to a location out of the forum. Listening to the Webcomic Beacon has provided great suggestions and inspiration to this next phase of work. Thanks for all that you do Fes and Tanya and Mark!

Unique Aspects:
The strip is inside an on-line forum (FORUMIC or forum+comic) and uses other User’s avatars as the primary characters. The writer and artist are self inserted but that is how all the characters are inserted. Stories are specific to the general “party” plot with larger story arcs moving the unspecific time line forward.

Direct Link to first comic page thread: (BEA Forum allows viewing without log-ins)

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