Webcomic Beacon Promo TCG Art Contest Winner!


We ended up with 90 total votes. Below is the winner and everyone’s entry! Thanks to everyone that submitted! First place gets TWO copies of the Webcomic Beacon WAGON Webcomic Battle Promo Card, and the new Delta Deck! Everyone else gets a copy of the Promo Card!

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Entry 04 – First Place

Alex Heberling of Garanos

Entry 10 – Runner Up

Emy Bitner 
of Trying Human

Entry 08 – Dugout Tie

Zack Holmes 
of Insert Comic Here

Entry 02 – Dugout Tie
Adrian McIlroyspeed
 of Jayden and Crusader

Entry 06

Julie Sydor
 on Deviant Art: black-black

Entry 07 –

Papa Rabe 
of The Bess Effect

Entry 03 –

 W. C. Pope

Entry 09 –

Amy Letts 
of Epic Fail

Entry 01 – 

George Ward of Dungeon Legacy

Entry 05 – 

Ahmed Fahim of Antisoshell

*Actual “Entry” numbers do not reflect the actual order of entry.

(original contest info here)

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