Webcomic Beacon #97: Plot Lines & Story Pacing

Ben Carver (Point Guardian and  Hero Academy) and Neil Purcell (Dasien and Crossoverlord) join Fes and Mark to discuss multiple plot lines and story pacing. Kurt Sasso (aka Vertigo) of TGT Webcomics and Jinxtigr of Tally Road (NSWF) call-in and share as well.


Thanks to Zack of Unamused Comics for the cover art! The original Multiple Plot Lines Question can be found on The Webcomic List Forums here.

Milestones: Pure and Hidden Truth (1 yr), Two Kinds (5 yrs).

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OMG you have never played Monkey Island. You *so* need to play it – it’s brilliant right up until it goes into 3D. Then it sucks.

You are right about writing the script out, you have to pare stuff down so much to stop them from going on forever!

Chekov did have a phaser 🙂

CRT Monitors are just as good as flat screen if they are a good quality screen. The only difference is the latter takes up less space. I have both types sitting side by side right now and there isn’t a major difference. The CRT *is* slightly blurry but I put that down to it being *5 years old*.

Ha ha! Fes is the hero for us poor people! Yes we have old hardware because we can’t afford new stuff. I inherit all the parts my friends no longer want. I don’t even own my own tablet and am in constant fear of the person I borrowed it from asking for it back… :s

I have a Flat-Screen CRT… not a normal CRT where it is slightly curved. Flat Screens are not the same as Flat-Panel or LCD/Plasma screens.

I would also contend that LCDs look more PIXELATED. Certainly, this has to do with resolution and DPI, but images just look TOO sharp too me… like someone hit the “Sharpen Image” a bit too much…. I’m also not a fan of HD TVs because movies look sooooooo fake to me for some reason…

Hey, it’s all been mostly consecutive content. Not like Ardra where the arcs end and unknown time happens between them….

Plus I’ve had, like, a million hiatuses…. though having 326 comics in ~3.3 years isn’t that bad at all. That’s still close to twice a week on average.

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