Webcomic Beacon #96: Fetishes! (2nd Attempt)

Nic Buxom (Nic Buxom) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss fetishes and such. Had a little technical difficulty here and there, but overall a fun listen!


Rampage Network Featured Comic: PC Weenies Milestones: Pure and Hidden Truth (1 yr), Ordori Park (100), Red Moon Rising (100), Zorphbert and Fred (300), Silly Daddy (500).

Thanks to George for the Beacon Newsflash and Show Notes:
Wagon Webcomic Battle Cards, Webcomic List Awards, WCRCA (Webcomic Readers Choice Awards), Peter is the Wolf, Collar 6 (NSFW), Slipshine (NSFW), Oglaf (NSFW), Autumn Lake Halloween Special (podcast).

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Wow. I found this site today, after being obsessed with comic podcasts. This one is really like… cool to me since it applies. I was starting to think I was in field of my own that catered to a fetish but wasn’t outright porn.

Thanks for being open enough to go there.

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