Webcomic Beacon #94: “ZOMBIES!!!” with Jenny Romanchuk

Jenny Romanchuk (The Zombie Hunters) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss ZOMBIES!!! …. That’s pretty much it really…. She’s got a pre-order going for her first book too. Cover by Nate of Jazz and Jess! See full-size art in our Art Section!


Milestones: Optipess (100), Near and Far (100), Strawberry Death Cake (100), Ellerbisms (200), Bob White (300), Imagine This (400), The Drunken Fools (1 yr), Drunk Elephant Comics (1 yr), Super Fogeys (3 years), The God’s Pack (4 years), Girls With Slingshots (5 yrs & 800 strips), Devil’s Panties (8 yrs), and PC Weenies (11 yrs)!

Thanks to George for the Beacon Newsflash and Show Notes:
The Zombie Hunters Pre-Order
, Night Zero, Jazz and Jess, Accelagirl’s Left 4 Dead comics and art, Spike and Diana Nock’s “Poorcraft” comic book project. Zombie comic not mentioned on the show, but should have been: Dead Winter.

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