Webcomic Beacon: MCBA Fallcon 2009 – Interviews

Okay, this is an experiment of the WordPress plugin we use to show the podcasts, so I’m not sure what will be loaded to people’s RSS feeds. The first one should, at the very least. The first explains this whole mess, which is a bunch of interviews of people from MCBA Fallcon. Mostly webcomickers. This may or may not be a project to continue in the future. Also, I may be splicing some of these into actual episodes over the next few months.

The 2nd MP3 is where we really start, includes the following:  Godseeker, Tempest of the Soul, Black Hat Collective, Green Avenger, The Crossoverlord, The Cornstalkers, Templar, Arizona, Wapsi Square, Online Internet Webcomic Show, Unique Laser Imaging, LLC, Shutter Fly, That’d Be Sweet, Joe and Monkey, and Blank It.

The 3rd refers to: The Intrepid Girlbot, Jinxville, Business Casual, Rusty The Wonderdog, Space Sheriff, Junior Varsity, Ursula Murray Husted, Barista Girl, Wonder Weenies, Freeks n’ Squeeks, Fun Factory, The Daily Downer & Ghillie, Hulk vs Bizarro, and Introspective Comics.

The 4th mentions: Stwall Skull, Big Funny, Soapy the Chicken, Studio Anti-Thesis, Red Zone, Demon Eater, The Planet Closest to Heaven, Stop Paying Attention, VAS Little Crow, The Anti-Girl, Uptown Girl, Sa-Bom Jim, and Razor Kid.

Feedback on this sort of thing is welcomed.


Here are the three MP3 files for this post:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

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