Webcomic Beacon #91: Live Action Webcomic Webseries-es!

Tyler and George (Online Internet Webcomic Show) join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss their live action webseries, about two guys that make a webcomic, and their female roommate is along for the ride!


Milestones: The House of Madness (300). 

Thanks to George for the Beacon Newsflash and Show Notes:
Roosterteeth, MCBA Fallcon, Central Canada Comic Convention (C4), Penguicon, Night Zero, Blank it, Wikipedia, Midwest Furfest, 24 Hours Comic Day, Gigcast, LiveStream, Ustream. Online Internet Webcomic Show’s Sponsors for season 1:  Glennz Tees and Flat Earth Brew with music provided by Steve Sulivan.

24 Hour Comics Day News:
24 Hour Comics Day is on the 3rd of October. Will you be participating? The Webcomic Beacon will be! We’ll be doing a 24 hour LIVE broacast! (See here for more details!)
Tell us your favorite episodes of The Webcomic Beacon AND The Gigcast in our forum! We plan to rebroadcast some classics!

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