Webcomic Beacon #88: Open Forum: Impressions & Call-ins

Tina Pratt (The Paul Reveres) and Michael Lee Lunsford (Super Normal Step)   joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss their webcomics.  The hosts also give their impressions on several webcomics.


Milestones: Geek Hero comic (200), Out There (1000), Garanos (400 & 3 yrs), Stiffs (100), Dracula (300), Spud Comics (200), Luke surl (200), Business Casual (400), Bellen! (600), Addanac City (1 yr). This week we set our Impressions on Hollowing Birds, Lucky Lottery, Game Destroyers, Asylum Squad, Super Frat, Gradually, But With Love.

Thanks to George for the Beacon Newsflash and Show Notes:
Tin Lizard productions, Webcomics Wallpapers, Brick Comic Network, Jinxville, Blank it, MCBA FallCon.

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