Webcomic Beacon #87: Femme Fatales with Sean Harrington

Sean Harrington (Spying with Lana) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Femme Fatales!


Rampage Network Featured Comic: Out at Home

Milestones: Angelo Inc (100), Yosh! (800), Least I Could Do (2000), Girl Genius (Hugo award).

Thanks to George for our Beacon Newsflash and Show Notes!:
The Challenges of Zona, Crimson Dark, Pure and Hidden truth, Sunset Grill, Go Daddy, I am Geek, Taking the Bypass, Atomic Robo, boxcar Astronaut, Hidden truth radio, Jinxville, When Casting Calls.

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Numbers are looking good for one day later! I think Lana on the ads is helping a bit 😉 😛 I hope people like what they hear, check out the archives, and come back for more!

I give her a hard time all of the time but that’s because I love Tanya 😀

And she takes it so well! I’m surprised she didn’t kick me in the balls at Penguicon o_O
… Well there’s always next time 😉

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