Webcomic Beacon #85: Editorial Comics with Elissa Rose

Elissa Rose (Girl vs. Robot), Jason Braaten (Tweetics), and Jason Dunstan (Ardra) join Fes and Mark to discuss Editorial Comics! Don’t worry! We soon spin off into tangents about the evolution and quality of news and reporting in general! This is the most intelligent episode of The Webcomic Beacon yet!


Milestones: Xylia Tales (2 yrs), Tao of Geek (7 yrs), Gypsy (200). 

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
The Nineteenth Centrury Industrialist, Girlamatic, Alice and Kev.

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Great show! I really don’t feel too bad about not speaking up more, because most of the points I could have made were already raised by Elissa or Jason anyway.

In fact, other than a point about Thomas Nast and the evolution of modern editorial comics, and an aside about the split in the libertarian movement between the Cato Institute/intellectual types and the Ron Paul-ites, there was nothing I even thought about mentioning that I didn’t already.

Nice work, fellow guests! 🙂

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