Webcomic Beacon #88: Open Forum: Impressions & Call-ins

Tina Pratt (The Paul Reveres) and Michael Lee Lunsford (Super Normal Step)   joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss their webcomics.  The hosts also give their impressions on several webcomics.


Milestones: Geek Hero comic (200), Out There (1000), Garanos (400 & 3 yrs), Stiffs (100), Dracula (300), Spud Comics (200), Luke surl (200), Business Casual (400), Bellen! (600), Addanac City (1 yr). This week we set our Impressions on Hollowing Birds, Lucky Lottery, Game Destroyers, Asylum Squad, Super Frat, Gradually, But With Love.

Thanks to George for the Beacon Newsflash and Show Notes:
Tin Lizard productions, Webcomics Wallpapers, Brick Comic Network, Jinxville, Blank it, MCBA FallCon.

Webcomic Beacon #87: Femme Fatales with Sean Harrington

Sean Harrington (Spying with Lana) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Femme Fatales!


Rampage Network Featured Comic: Out at Home

Milestones: Angelo Inc (100), Yosh! (800), Least I Could Do (2000), Girl Genius (Hugo award).

Thanks to George for our Beacon Newsflash and Show Notes!:
The Challenges of Zona, Crimson Dark, Pure and Hidden truth, Sunset Grill, Go Daddy, I am Geek, Taking the Bypass, Atomic Robo, boxcar Astronaut, Hidden truth radio, Jinxville, When Casting Calls.

Webcomic Beacon #86: SIMS Machinima Comics

Robin Burkinshaw (Alice and Kev) joins Fes and Mark to discuss SIMS machinima comics and a bit about homelessness. The topic goes shorter than expected, so we kinda talk about this and that.


Milestones: Galaxion (3 yrs), Addanac City (300 strips), Theater Hopper (7 yrs and 1000 pages), Sex Drugs and June Cleaver (200 strips), Genuine Draft (300 strips).

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
RoBurky, Sims 3 Stories, Rosterteeth’s Strangerhood, Webcomic Bacon, Unamused Comics, Dungeon Legacy, Onyx Sparrow, Legend of Jenny Everywhere Part2, When Casting Calls, Jenny Art Jam Idea for Jenny Everywhere Day, On the Couch, Shifter Archive, Webcomic List TWCL awards, Pure and Hidden Truth.

Jayden and Crusader

Webcomic Beacon #85: Editorial Comics with Elissa Rose

Elissa Rose (Girl vs. Robot), Jason Braaten (Tweetics), and Jason Dunstan (Ardra) join Fes and Mark to discuss Editorial Comics! Don’t worry! We soon spin off into tangents about the evolution and quality of news and reporting in general! This is the most intelligent episode of The Webcomic Beacon yet!


Milestones: Xylia Tales (2 yrs), Tao of Geek (7 yrs), Gypsy (200). 

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
The Nineteenth Centrury Industrialist, Girlamatic, Alice and Kev.