Webcomic Beacon #81: Lettering and Fonts with Melissa Kaercher

Melissa Kaercher (Tin Lizard Productions) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Fonts and Lettering. Melissa had also drawn this week’s cover art (see the whole thing in our Art Section!)


Font resources discussed, include: Your Fonts custom font creator tool, Ninja Lettering, High-Logic FontCreator, ComicCraft, Blambot, 1001 Free Fonts, Darwinatrix, and identifont.

Milestones: Pron quest (NSFW) (1 yr) and Jayden and Crusader (2 yrs).

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Sexpercussions, Webcomic Reviews & Interviews, CONvergence, Dr Blink Superhero Shrink, Dork Tower, Batman Strikes, Green Ronin, and Devil’s Due Publishing.

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Yes, Blambot has both free and pay fonts. But the difference between them isn’t the quality of kerning. Each font is in a different style – and the pay fonts are generally for the more popular styles of lettering.

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