Webcomic Beacon #69: Fetish Webcomic Discussion Fail.

Still, the content should be obvious….

Benjamin Rodriguez (aka Bar-1) (Peter is the Wolf) and R.T. Barnham (The World Explodes) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss fetish webcomics… but major fail happens and they just end up talking about fetishes in general. We also had C.J. of Steal This Comic call in to tell us about Webcomics Weekend!


Milestones: Steal This Comic (1 yrs), Yosh Saga (5 yrs), The Legendary Boys of Floyd (100), Fragile Gravity (1000), Anti-Zombie Army (2 yrs), The Super Fogeys (200 strips).

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show: Juathuur Gatecrash, Deviant Desires (book), Fetish Roadmap (poster), Collar 6, xtube (NSFW videos), Slipshine (nsfw), Cute Little Hentai, Sexy Losers.

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That Aftershow ends up going for an hour, so it’s almost like another podcast. It has several high points, and could be a good background listen for some.

Ironically, our “Failures” tend to get the most downloads.

Ironically, it’s when we don’t mostly talk about webcomics.

Ironically, this is a webcomic podcast in which we are *supposed* to talk about webcomics.

… you see my dilemma…

It *would* be a problem if you were getting paid by the minute to talk specifically about webcomics, but since us internet-folk *never* get paid…

I say it’s not a dilemma if you’re the ones deciding what you’re “supposed” to do.

Anyway – it’s your prerogative, but I find it a bit annoying that you keep calling my favourite episodes “failures” 😛

Also: Thanks for placing bids on my ads – it makes me all tingly inside. ^^

Not my fault you like it when we fail!

We got paid $10 for a sponsor spot on the show!

But that’s going to ads 😛

Also, those bids are campaigns, so I have no idea where its all bidding on 😛

Were you aware that Frank Zappa wrote a song called “Penguin in Bondage?” It’s on one of his (many) live albums, Roxy and Elsewhere, which is a pretty good album, actually.

She’s just like a penguin in Bondage, boy
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh…
Way over on the wet side
Of the bed (Knirps for moisture)

Just like the mighty Penguin
Flappin’ her eight ounce wings

Lord, you know it’s all over
If she comes atcha on the strut & wrap ’em
all around yer head

Flappin her eight ounce wings, flappinumm

She’s just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy

Shake up the pale-dry
Ginger ale
Tremblin’ like a Penguin
When the battery fail

Lord, you must be havin’ her jumpin’ through
a hoopa real fire
With some Kleenex wrapped around a
coat-hang wire

She’s just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh…
Howlin’ over to some
Antarcticulated moon

In the frostbite nite
With her flaps gone white
Shriekin’ as she spot the hoop across the room

Lord, you know it must be a Penguin bound down
When you hear that terrible screamin’ and
there ain’t no other
Birds around

She’s just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh…
She’s just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh…
Aw, you must be careful
Not to leave her straps

‘Cause she just might box yer dog
She just might box yer doggie
An’ leave you a dried-up dog biscuit

I really appreciate the nice things you guys said on the recent podcast about my comic (Collar6 dude here). I was expecting to get torn a new ass, instead you guys made my night. Thank you again 🙂

Hey no problem 🙂 I’m actually going to be checking Collar 6 out for a while.

Hey, is Collar 6 slightly related to something else? It looks kinda familiar, actually…

Yeah, I started out doing Crimson Latex over at Utopia Stories, then dropped it for a number of personal reasons. A year later, I got the focus to do a full-on webcomic in ways I wasn’t able to priorly 🙂

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