Webcomic Beacon #66: Promoting Your Comic with Ads & Links

C.J. (Steal This Comic) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Ads, links, and other ways to promote your webcomic.


Cover by Jack of Gothy

Milestones: Capes n babes (200 strips), The Ord (100 strips), PSI (300 strips), Tally Road (200 strips), Meiosis (200 strips). This week we  give our Impressions on: The artiste Manquee, Lowly Dregs, and  The Ord!

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:

Webcomic Wallpaper, Project Wonderful, Questionable Content, Devils Panties, Boxcar Astronaut, Rocket Lama, Sword & Sarcasm, White Noise, Juathuur Gatecrash, Crow Feathers, Lords of Death and life, UStream, Galaxion, Eyeskream webcomic Creators Group, Rampage Network, Webcomic Z, Webcomic asylum, Gothy.

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Changed the Cover. Forgot to put C.J.’s name on the Cover as a guest host…. though I did keep forgetting that he was even on during the show 😛

It was more of an impromtu thing 😉

On Sunday, January 10th, @ 3pm Eastern:
We’ll be discussing “Webcomic Hobbyists vs Professionalists”.

What? How? Will Doc Brown come by to pick us up in the Delorean? 😉

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