Webcomic Beacon #65: Furries and Furry Comics

Dr. Samuel Conway, aka Uncle Kage (UncleKage.com), joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss furries, furry fandom, and furry webcomics.  Darcy (Code Name: Hunter), Rachel (Last Res0rt), and Trpdwarf (Around the Fur Studio) join in the call.


Milestones: Apple Geeks (500 pages), Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (1000 strips), The Ord (100 strips) , Gets a Job (100 strips). This week we set our Beacon Searchlight on Krazy Bov. We also would like to Spotlight: Dead Winter.

News: Karen of Planet Karen had her apartment burned downZortic mentioned in his Journal that Susannah Kist needs our help.

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:

Kevin and Kell, Jack, Doc Rat, Urban Jungle, Fletcher Apts, Lack-a-daisy, Plush and Blood, Avoid Spikes, By the Saints, Precocious, Dan and Mabs Furry Adventures, Sabrina online, Suicide for Hire, Broken Plot Device, Chivalry and Knavery, Freefall, Mac Rat Love, VG Cats

Additional Links: CNN Coverage of Anthrocon 2009.

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Fes FINALLY got to do his furry episode! And surprisingly, it didn’t contain a Lengthy Fes Rant. 😉

Oh, and in response to something mentioned on the aftershow: It was Mike Nesmith’s mom who invented white-out. He was the Monkee with the Texas accent who wore the hat. (Yes, so sue me, I like The Monkees. :P)

Thanks for the Beacon Searchlight on krazybov. You’re right, it’s not really the type of webcomic that most people are used to, apart from it’s a comic and it’s on the web.
It’s an anthology that gets printed and when there are no print issues left the strips go online in their entirety. In the meantime visitors just get to see sample pages.

I’m glad to hear you think some of the strips are cool. I’m always looking for contributors so hopefully some of your listeners will be interested in submitting something.

I should mention that the comic is freely distributed in London, funded completely through ads that appear in the printed comic (it even has a classifieds section).

Many thanks for your review.


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