Webcomic Beacon #56: Photo Comics, featuring Night Zero

Fes flies solo tonight as host. However, he is joined by Anthony Van Winkle and Forest Gibson; co-creators of the zombie, photo webcomic Night Zero! We also discuss a bit about Photo Webcomics in general. Very short show this week as we stay on topic.



Sites Mentioned on the Show: Dark Red, Union of Heroes, Solipsum, Geist Panik, Photo Webcomics List Site (http://www.photowebcomics.com), Alien loves Predator, The Gigcast, and Webcomic Bacon.

Thanks to Dungeon Warden for taking notes!

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Hey, this was actually a great episode, albeit a short one. Those guys really know their stuff!

If you’re looking for an idea for a more permanent cover for this episode, how about maybe a photo of somebody who looks like Becky? Since the episode is about photocomics…might be a bit difficult to pull off, though.

Once a cover goes up, it’s final.

Unless we get Guest Art for the cover, This is how its going to be. I don’t have the time to always custom make one. If we get a resident cover artist, I’d be interested in that… or even a pool of them.

I’d prefer to have them custom to each show, BUT, in general anyone that submits a cover where it’s basically Becky presenting the episode (as seen above), we’ll use those as well.

Just Becky with no background. Credit and Website Link, would be added of course (as always).

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