Webcomic Beacon #54: Creating Webcomic Bacon

Sorry about the Audio Quality of this episode. I know what I did wrong, but it was too late to got back and fix it. I’ll remember for next time!

Mark and Fes are joined by Mike (of WAGON Webcomic Battle) and Dungeon Warden (of Dungeon Legacy) talk about WEBCOMIC BACON! The communal webcomic project we’ve be eluding to for a while now. We develop some starting character and the setting! Be sure to check out our forums for further discussion!


Milestones: Freshly Squeezed Comic (100), Prepare to Die (800), and Fes’ Jenny Everywhere Lego Comic is finished!

Notes: Sites Mentioned on the Show: Guest Strip Project, Tangents Review of The Webcomic Beacon, Housepets,

Thanks to Dungeon Warden for taking notes this week!

Webcomic Bacon, the communal webcomic project we are working on, is being discussed in our forums! Check out our official forum for more details and to let us know if you are interested! Invested parties will be encouraged to come on a show to brainstorm! Producer’s note from 2011: This project failed, and is no longer being continued. A chance was taken, but didn’t stick.

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I thought you knew, Fes, I’m the Kinder, Gentler Webcomic Reviewer. 😉 Or as my friend Steve Anderson puts it, “Tangent is a milquetoast.” I know how much hard work and effort goes into creating webcomics. The comic has to offend me pretty badly before I’m going to lay into it, and even then I’ll focus on the comic mostly, and not the cartoonist.

Heck, the one review where I was fully negative on (for me) ended up getting shocked commentary from some of my readers, who were waiting to see what made this comic worth reading (or writing about). ^^

Rob H.

No, I knew that already. Just some of our listeners may not know it, and that is what The Webcomic Beacon is for: Newcomers and Amateurs.

I’ve often repeated or reworded things I already knew, for the audience’s sake… even if some of the audience knows it too.

No… augh, just the show on Saturday, not the sunday show I eluded to.

Shows typically records every Sunday, except the 2nd Sunday… that we record the Saturday before.

Of course, the Vote Incentive episode is either going to be REALLY long, or cut into two episodes, I would assume. Unless Fes cuts out a LOAD of content. They started at 3 yesterday, and were still going strong at 5, although they’d “ended” the ep before that.

Methinks some creative editing awaits Fes, at any rate.

@ Jason – We ended up recording Episode 57, along with Episode 55 that night. It was just too good of stuff to cut.

Episode 56 records on the 21st.

@ Zack – Oh it sucks! Just kidding, nah it works just fine 😉 Each person is essentially developing their own character for it. They are just to be designed as Open-Source or Creative Commons.

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