Webcomic Beacon #53: One Year Anniversary Show!

Mark (and a few callers) joins Tanya and Fes for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW (not so) SPECIAL! More of an open forum episode and talking about whatever.


Milestones: Tally Road (100), Ardra (3 years), and Station V3 (2000)!

Also a Webcomic Searchlight: Not Enough BBQ

Notes: Sites Mentioned on the Show: Dungeon Legacy, Calamities of nature – guest strip contest, KCstrip, Autumn Lake, Double D comics, Galaxion Comics, WebComic + InkBlot forum topic, Webcomic Bacon Dec 7, Unamused comics, The Shifter Archive, Awesomepedia, Bowie and Crosby sing “Little Drummer Boy” (Soundtrack), Peter is the Wolf.

Thanks to Dungeon Warden for taking notes this week!

Yes we have an idea for a communal webcomic project. Check out our official forum for more details and to let us know if you are interested! Invested parties will be encouraged to come on a show to brainstorm!

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Dear Fes,

I am a member of the forum where the KC Strip is posted, the BE Archive Forum, or just the BEA for short. Kithara and Nimrod (the strip’s creators) alerted us at the BEA of your mentioning of their strip and email. So, I thought I’d pass along a little note defending their strip and their decision to post it on the forum.

As you may or may not know, the strip’s characters are in fact caricatures of members of the forum. For example, I myself am portrayed as an alphabet block with undying devotion to Jennifer Love Hewitt, much the same as I am a blockhead in real-life (ha ha) who absolutely goes ga-ga over JLH.

Therein lies the reason that the strip is posted in the forum; the inside jokes and characters created for the strip are found within the very forum wherein the strip is located, and we like it there very much, thank you.

However, to the end of finding another way to distribute the KC Strip online, I posted a message to Kithara and Nimrod (on the forum, naturally) offering my ideas for redistributing the comics in a non-forum format. I don’t anticipate anything to result from my personal suggestions, but I like to feel that maybe something will come of my line of thinking after the completion of the strip’s publication, whenever, if ever, that may be.

Meanwhile, I want to offer a shout-out to my forum buddies: TheZookie007, AgentDee, DruulEmpire, Galvatron, MunchWolf, Rtpoe, Palomine, Cheviot, and all the KC Strippers and fellow BEA forumites whose love of BE (breast expansion) drives the site and engages our dear Kithara and Nimrod in such a fantastic web-comic.

Five years and counting!

KC Strip Rules!

QwizzicalBE aka Q-BE (pronounced “Q-B-E”)

Ah! I see. I wonder how many other comics are like this? I know there was one or two during the Crossover Wars…. Maybe we could do a show about Forum Comics!

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