Webcomic Beacon #48: Dead Webcomics

Fes and Mark host today’s show on DEAD WEBCOMICS!!! WooOOooOoOOoOOoOooo! *makes spooky fingers* *ahem*  We also discuss Webcomic Reviews again, as we beat the subject to death. Still… good times.

The cover was drawn by Darcy of Code Name: Hunter. And Howard Taylor of Schlock Mercenary introduces the show!


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Sorry I missed the live feed, I coulda helped you guys out with your list of dead comics 😀 You sound so sad lately Fes (no aron or tanya this week) You were a tad whiny in the last episode, mostly there at the end of the episode. But sometimes you just gotta gripe I guess (specialy if someone attacks your livelyhood)

I’m guilty of having an “undead” comic, myself. I’ll be relaunching from scratch in January, or so I plan.

My favorite dead-dead comic is Shaw Island (and it’s sister series American Animetion) by Zach Stroum. The archives don’t even exist anymore after he got a job at Nintendo.

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