Webcomic Beacon #47: Fes is a Whiney Baby.

Be warned, if you don’t wanna hear Fes whine about a buncha stuff… skip this episode. Otherwise Fes and Tanya run the show alone as Aaron steps down from co-hosting duties to have more time for other things. Anyway, we talk about 24 Hour Comics Day 2008, but also Fes whines about various things.


Milestones: Pinkerton (300), One Small Step (300), and Time Like This (1 Yr)! Do you have a milestone to report? Would you like us to give our (positive and/or negative) impressions on your comic? Send a notice to us at WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com.

NEW! Webcomic SPOTLIGHTS! Tanya Spotlights The Thinking Ape Blues; and Fes Spotlights Housepets!, so check them out!

Some 24 Hour Comics: Jenny Everywhere and the Golden Key, Insert Comic HereApple of Discord, Dungeon Warden’s, Stardate Comic, Diana Nock’s “Ghostly”, Sophie’s “Days of Our Liver”.

Notes: Sites mentioned: Squidworks, The Gigcast, Life’s a Witch, Jazz and Jess, Peter is the Wolf, Aarin Edwards, Webcomic Reader’s Choice Awards,

Webcomic List Sites: BuzzComix, The Belfry, Top Webcomics, Frumph, The Webcomic List, Online Comics, WebcomicZ, Choice Comics, Piperka, Webcomics Inc., Comic Space, and Comic Listing.

PLUS, There could be some changes in the future for the Beacon… some perhaps more drastic than others. Stay tuned.

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Geez, Fes, don’t hold back, tell us what you REALLY think. 😉

Sucks that Aaron’s gone. Not sure who you could get to replace him…JinxTiger, maybe? I’d do it, but as you well know, my dial-up sucks on toast. Gotta get broadband one of these days.

I am not presently interested in securing a permanent 3rd co-host. Though we’ll probably have guests on… we’ll see.. I don’t know yet.. Listen in on Sunday for a possible change as well.

Also, in case Frumph is checking this, as he was in the show’s chat. I wasn’t saying anything against anyone in particular, I’m just saying people got to stop making List Sites… as posted with the episode, I linked to 12 different list sites. It boils down to “What’s the point?” and “Why should I bother… again?” Also, ranking is just highly inaccurate to what it’s main point may be. I almost think that several List Sites just need to join forces and combine all the good parts and weed out the bad an redundant points.

But, alas, whatever. *sigh*

As people have seen, I had removed my List Site buttons, and replaced it with a link to my sketch gallery.

… but that’s me …

NOW Fes gets to a discussion of “DRAMA”…. ^_^
This was the stuff of the last episode, that you never really covered. Like I mention.. hatedoms, people just trying to rile you up online, that’s the Drama.

What Jez or what his name was, in his letter? I guess “Experimental Third Album” is a kind of Beatles reference or something. But what he was referring to is more commonly known as First and Ten Syndrome (term Coined by WebSnark).

There there Fes, I like the show and I’m sure lots of other people do as well, it seems to be getting a lot of downloads at any rate. The same goes for your webcomic. Don’t let the bastards get you down! I for one find the show useful and inspiring and am planning to do a webcomic because of it, which should start posting sometime in January.
I hope the rant got things off your chest. I’d hate to think they were making you depressed. Here are some hugs to help cheer you up *HUGITTY HUG HUG HUG* I wish you happy thoughts and lots of positive creative energy!
By the way, I really appreciated the title art for this episode. Most amusing – excellent parody!

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