Webcomic Beacon #46: Drama Behind the Scenes and Out in the Open.

Darcy and Matt Sowers, of Code Name: Hunter, join Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are talking about drama behind the scenes, and sometimes, of course, right out in the open. Mike of Quitting Time has made this episode’s cover! Mark Savary talks to us about observation, and then reviews My Life in a Cube.

Steve Troop of Crypto Zooey introduces our show this week!


This week’s good Searchlight is Speak No Evil: Melancholy of a Space Mexican. Milestones: The KAMics (4 Yrs) and Gods Playing Poker (1 Yr). Do you have a milestone to report? Would you like us to give our (positive and/or negative) impressions on your comic? Send a notice to us at WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com.

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Notes: Sites mentioned: Garfield minus Garfield, Something Positive, DrunkDuck, Paranoia High, Geek Tragedy, Just Another Webcomic, PVP, Guest Strip Project,

ALSO: Check out Fes’ LIVE broadcasting of his 24 Hour Lego Comic Attempt!
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Okay. well… it’s kinda odd that you mainly just talk about weird fans as being “Drama”. And you dont’ actually cover real DRAMA until the third segment, when you finally bring up Scott Kurtz & forum wars, etc.

I saw drama as not coming from the fandom, but from the hatedom. Groups who actively hate your work, for whatever reasons they so choose. In fact, the net the way it is, some fan groups actively seek out things to hate.

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