Webcomic Beacon #43: Placing Ads on Your Website, with Tony Piro

Tony Piro of Calamities of Nature joins Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are talking about advertising! No, not placing ads, but placing AD SPACE. We go over Tony’s reviews of various ad services such as Project Wonderful. Also, we joined stupid Twitter… or yeah… twitter.com/webcomicbeacon

Phil Foglio of Girl Genius introduces our show this week!


Milestones this week: … NONE REPORTED! For the Beacon Searchlight we give our first impressions of Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit! Do you have a milestone to report? Send a notice to us at WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com.

Notes: Sites mentioned: The Gigcast, Brett Hainley, Aarin Lewis, Webcomic Asylum, Jovian Luck, Project Wonderful, Google Adsense, ADSDAQ, Burst Media, Adbrite, Odd Fish, Black Label Ads, Twitter, Penny Arcade’s Twitter Strip, Insert Comic Here, Tanya’s Traitorous appearance on The Gigcast, Steal This Comic, TV Shows Connected by St. Elsewhere,

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Hey, it was pretty cool hearing you guys mention my site, although you referred to me as “what’s his face”..heh..it’s okay though. I know I haven’t been active, at all, even though you gave me a chance. I’ll try to call in soon. I wish I could be on the show, but like I’ve said, I’m not exactly up on the tech side of webcomics. Get back to me though if you can over simplify it for me! I’ll mention your show today on the site too. I’m listening to the ad space cast now. Good stuff!

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