Webcomic Beacon #42: The Crossover Wars

Fes and Aaron are talking about Crossovers and The 2007 Crossover Wars! Hogan of The Cameo & Crossover Archive, Reinder of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, and Gothia of America Gothic Daily all join us today. Mike of Prepare to Die comes on later to talk about the WAGON Webcomic Battle card game!

Mark Savary talks about Pirates, as September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day! He looks at The Wannabe Pirates, Pirates vs. Ninjas, and Sails Of Blood!

Scott Bevan of White Ninja Comics introduces our show this week!


Milestones this week: Ripeville (200), Insert Comic Here (2 Years), Girly (600), Commissioned (4 Years), Anders Loves Maria (200 + 2 years)! For the Beacon Searchlight we give our first impressions on Jovian Luck (mistakenly referred to as “Space Heist” on the show). Do you have a milestone to report? Would you like us to give our (positive and/or negative) impressions on your comic? Send a notice to us at WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com.

Notes: Sites mentioned: The Gigcast, Framed, The Framed Great Escape (mostly missing), Clan of the Cats, Elf Life, College Roomies from Hell, Drunk Duck, Magical Misfits, Life and Death, The KAMics, Chronicles of the Witch Queen, Project A.D.A.M., Invasion, Repository of Dangerous Things, Mind Mistress, Jenny Everywhere, Evil Overlords United, Cameo Comic, The Volet, Treasure Hunters, Pimpette & Associates, Candi, Jenny Everywhere and the Crossing Over Worlds, Halloween 2008 Cameo Caper, Angry D. Monkey, Oh, and I should mention that the cover is adapted from The Crossover Wars website. The Quasi-Official Song for Talk Like a Pirate Day can be found here by Tom Smith.

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