Webcomic Beacon #40: Superhero Webcomics

Ben Carver of Point Guardian, Al Schroeder of Mind Mistress, Neil Purcell of Dasien, and Abby Lark of The Green Avenger joins Fes, Aaron, and Tanya as we once again discuss superhero webcomics! Thanks to Carlisle of Steal This Comic for doing our cover! Neil also drew something for this show before he knew Abby was coming and that the cover was already being drawn (click either image for larger size):

Kent of White Ninja Comics introduces our show this week!


Milestones this week: The Gigcast, another webcomic podcast (3 years), Legostar Galactica (6 years), Sara Zero (300) , Circle vs Square (100), and Galaxion (2 years). On the Beacon Searchlight we look at Mind’s Eye of Jupiter.

Notes: Sites mentioned: Might have missed a bunch of them, but here’s the Stan Lee interview with Veronica Belmont on Mahalo Daily, Xepher.net Logo Contest, Crowfeathers, Lawn Darts, Planet Karen, Lizzy, Black Hat Collective, and Challenges of Zona.

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