Webcomic Beacon #37: Spectacular Failure #2 and Open Forum Discussion

Fes and Tanya, are joined by Ben Carver to help salvage what Murphy’s Law had done to this week’s show! Awesome! Let’s say it’s everyone’s fault… yea… let’s go with that. Well, Hopefully this is entertaining since Fes get’s made fun of for not knowing how to do things. It’s an Open Forum Discussion during another Spectacular Failure! We also talk about a few things brought up in The Webcomic List forums. Some of which turned into a discussion on Feminism. And then we roll into how Fes can’t do things again.

J. Jacques of Questionable Content introduces our show this week! Special break music was from Lord Pandar’s coming music album, with samples at Cryptowen.com, whom of which also did this week’s cover!


Mary Savary brings us his thoughts on webcomic updates, and goes over The World’s Worst Webcomic, Avoid Spikes, Butternut Squash, Bugsport, Pirate & Alien, and Daedalus Blue. Also we have a Beacon Searchlight of Jakob’s Hourly Comic projectDon’t forget the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update!

Mark Savary takes a look at The World’s Worst Webcomic by Evil Couch, Avoid Spikes by Martin & Wolf, Butternut Squash by Ramón Pérez and Rob Coughler, Bugsport by Ted Bastien, Pirate & Alien by Tyson Smith, and Daedalus Blue by John Aggs and Dave Andrews.

Sites mentioned: Galaxion, School Spirit, Comic Genesis, Drunk Duck, Exiern, CSS Zen Garden, Net Mechanic, Coffee Cup, The Webcomic List ForumsDMFA, The Devil’s Panties, Penny Arcade, Templar Arizona, Queen of Wands, Something Positive, American Gothic, Girls with Sling-Shots, Girl Genius, Girl-a-Matic, Girl Wonder, Webcomics Weekly, Downloadable Content, Digital Strips, Art and Story, The Gig Cast, Kaspall, Punch and Pie, Jenny Everywhere, Blade of Toshubi, Also you can check out the prep work for the Halloween Cameo Caper 2008!

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Women in webcomic podcasts… sigh. I don’t think a female podcaster would have to have a radically different opinion on webcomics than a male host to be worth listening to. I do tend to think that a group of geeky guys will tend to talk about different (just different– not better or worse) things than a group of geeky girls, though, and I don’t agree that if you you will always end up with “The View”. As I said in my post on TWCL, I’m just looking for variety, not for feminism.

Also, Fes, I hope you will take note that despite the fact that I am a devoted iTunes user, I still come to visit the site! 😉

It was nice to hear you talk about my hourly’s! It’s been half a month since I stopped and I’m still feeling relieved.

I enjoy laughing at you, Fes, and your tables. The funny thing is that it was only a few months ago that I used tables for EVERYTHING, but now, after a 3-month-long work-binge I’ve got the basics of interesting things like css, php and xml and I’m, right now, trying to build my own comment-function for the redesign of my site.

But on the other hand that DID involve insane sleeping hours (as documented in the hourly comics, for one). It’s 04:20 here in Sweden right now, and I don’t really consider it as late yet… :-

And that’s despite me not having conventional things such a “job” or a “social life”, so I can understand your time-managing problems.

I have also been having a Murphy-law weekend cantered around Photoshop crashing as I was (literally) doing the finishing touches on this week’s Awesome Planet page. Normally this couldn’t be a problem because I save all the time BUT this time the file had been transformed into a red and black mess. Comic all gone. So there’s a tip from me: save your shit not only all the time but also UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES.

Fes explaining what was upsetting about Pokémon – THE MOVIE was the most fun I’ve had in days! Fes, you’re so cute when you’re upset! ^^ I also love Tanya speaking in a slow and collected voice to try to get through to Fes. And Mark Savary does THE BEST webcomic reviews. Hang on to him!!

Wow, that’s a long comment for you right there.

PS: My friends don’t understand why I often play games as a woman character. What’s wrong with them. FRIENDS. LISTEN UP FRIENDS. IT’S THE VIEW.

I think the show’s bugs are one of the things that make it so appealing. It’s entertaining to when things go funky or Fes forgets that there are guests on the line. No offence Fes – I just can’t help laughing when you suddenly realise you’ve been ignoring a guest for the last ten minutes.

It’s refreshing. 🙂

hey all 🙂

Just picked up Mark mentioning our strip “Avoid Spikes” on the podcast. I’m glad you liked it!

But, yes, I take your criticism in good humor – you are totally right, our regularity dropped all over the place…fair comment. To be fair, we did hope that whilst I was having some troubles the blog would keep people coming on by, but granted it doesn’t help if people want to read the strip. You’re right.

I’m not going to harp on as to why it dropped off, but there’s a new one up now and I am back on track to get back to a weekly strip. Situation resolved.

We’re more than grateful for people who search out our strip, and even more grateful to those who like it, and given the amount of work it takes for me to make each strip, my hope is that people keep coming back again and again. Our intention is to have AT LEAST one strip each week, but if possible (daytime job commitments allowing) more when we can. We want to show three things: firstly, that anthro comics don’t have to be about sex all the darn time (which ours aren’t, and never will be), and two: that an anthro strip doesn’t have to be immature or childish and can have a certain bar for quality that many fail to reach. Lastly, we want to show that being a geek is fun 🙂

Anyway, thanks for the mention, and the virtual kick up the ass, and I hope you will come back again to enjoy more!

Take care

Foxx Wolf

You know, sometimes life just sucks outright. No sooner had I gotten back into the swing of things than my Wacom tablet upped and died. Now I am unable to draw a darn thing, probably for weeks 🙁

I have had to resort to using Halo 3 screenshots to create a strip. Kinda janky, but it keeps things ticking over.

It’s either that or draw with my mouse…and I value my sanity FAR too much for that 🙂

I honestly love this show as a pleasant means to get a great laugh for the day. Still, in this particular sequence, who was in the kitchen the last half? Inami was simply tasked with making desserts, and the chefs where serving, so……. wha?

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