Webcomic Beacon #36: More on Conventions! … Also: Web Stats

Welcome to our new home on The Rampage Network, our new host! We thank our old host, Xepher.net, for hosting us up until now!

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron bring up the topic of CONVENTIONS on The Webcomic Beacon once again! This time we talk about Tanya’s experience at ComicCon! Later on in the show we talk about tracking web stats for your website! This week’s cover is done by Plughead of Sarah Zero! Thanks! Also, thanks to Jennie Breeden for introducing the show!



Mary Savary brings us a Webcomic Review of Transmissions! Don’t forget the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update! Milestones reported: School Spirit (600), 8:1 (5 years), The KAMics – Gertrude & Bruinhilda (100). Also we have a Beacon Searchlight of Circle vs Square this week!

Notes: Sites mentioned: The Devil’s Panties, Rooster Teeth, Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive, Geek Kon, Lab Bratz, Fallcon, Diana Nock’s Jinxville, Imaginary Friends Forever, Midwest Furfest, Code Name: Hunter, Hyatt Art Forums, Site 5, Go Daddy, Quantcast, Project Wonderful, Go Stats, Extreme Tracking, Stumbleupon, StatCounter, Miss/Mr/Thing ComicGenesis 2008, El Goonish Shive, The Geek Media, P.S.I., Betapwned,

Also, check out these other webcomic podcasts: The Gigcast and Podwarp 1999!

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Part of the link says that there is no new one yet. Tanya was supposed to investigate what to do :/

We’ll eventually get it going. I have no idea how to use iTunes.

Oh, I totally rock.

iTunes users can: go to the “Advanced” dropdown menu in iTunes, and select “Subscribe to podcast”. Paste in: http://wcbeacon.rampagenetwork.com/?feed=podcast

I only figured this out because Webcomics Weekly also switched recently, though they weren’t clever enough to put a note into the old feed letting us know (I guess they just assume all their listeners read their webcomics and blogs? Sorry, but no. I thought they just stopped podcasting for the summer!), and posted how to do this. I tried it for TWB, and voila!

You’re welcome. 😉

Well, try, I think women with glasses look either cuter or sexier. But it’s too late to add glasses as far as her character design goes 😛 I’m not trying to make her a pair of boobs to showcase the episodes. I also have plans to flesh her character out a bit more. Really she’s a cute girl that likes to draw and read webcomics. Beyond that, we’ll see what develops 😀

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