Webcomic Beacon #35: Comic Reviews: Comic Fencing and Webcomic Rescue #1

Fes and Aaron are joined by Delos of Comic Fencing! A multi-reviewer, comic review site. Briefly we are joined by John of The Rampage Network. Speaking of which, The Webcomic Beacon will be moving there next week. We’ll keep you posted!

This week we also have our first Webcomic Rescue segment covering Minos the Minotaur! Plus we touch base with Tanya while she’s at San Diego Comic Con! Also we have a Beacon Searchlight of Random Acts Comic this week!

Mary Savary comes back with a Webcomic Review of Inappropriate Irving (possibly NSFW)! Don’t forget the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update! Milestone reported LATE: Spiky Haired Dragon and Worthless Knight (700).


Congrats to the winners of the Jenny Everywhere “Draw” to Win WAGON Webcomic Battle Trading Card Contest! 1st place to Benj Christensen, 2nd to Jakob Burrows, and 3rd to Zach Holmes! See all of the entrants here on The Shifter Archive!

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