Webcomic Beacon #39: Restarting Your Comic, with Tara Tallan

Tara Tallan of Galaxion joins Fes, Aaron, and Tanya as we go over reasons and “how-to”s of restarting your comic. We also get Jason Wilson of Smuggling Vacation on to discuss some “controversy” that came from his print comic.

David Willis of Shortpacked introduces our show this week!


Milestones this week: Jazz and Jess (3-yrs) and Code Name Hunter (7-yrs). The Beacon Searchlight points at Unions of Heros and we give it our impressions. Mark Savary comes back with a review of Last Place Comics.

Sites mentioned: Midwest Fur Fest, Fan Expo, Geek Kon, Girl-a-Matic, ReBoot, Dark Red, and be sure to check out our Talk Shoe page for “Extra Content” from after the show ends.

Webcomic Beacon #38: Genderswap or Trans/Morph Webcomics w/ Dan Shive

Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive joins Fes, Eric, and eventually Tanya as we discuss webcomics that have transgendering or morphologies. (Late edit: Probably better worded as “genderswap”.)

Not Randy Milholland of Something Positive introduces our show this week!


Milestones this week: Dungeon Warden (500 and Ending), and Exiern (3 years).

Notes: Sites mentioned: Sluggy Freelance, Girly, Commissioned, Girl Genius, PVP, Penny Arcade, Sin Fest, Dominic Deegan, Nodwick, Full Frontal Nerdity, Backward Compatible, Crossworlds, Ps238, The Wotch, Abstract Gender, Discordia, Clan Bob, Metamorphose, Order of the Stick, TGComics (moreso NSFW), Changes, Venus Envy, Galaxion, XXXenophile.com, Guest Strip Project, Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive, The KAMics,

Webcomic Beacon #37: Spectacular Failure #2 and Open Forum Discussion

Fes and Tanya, are joined by Ben Carver to help salvage what Murphy’s Law had done to this week’s show! Awesome! Let’s say it’s everyone’s fault… yea… let’s go with that. Well, Hopefully this is entertaining since Fes get’s made fun of for not knowing how to do things. It’s an Open Forum Discussion during another Spectacular Failure! We also talk about a few things brought up in The Webcomic List forums. Some of which turned into a discussion on Feminism. And then we roll into how Fes can’t do things again.

J. Jacques of Questionable Content introduces our show this week! Special break music was from Lord Pandar’s coming music album, with samples at Cryptowen.com, whom of which also did this week’s cover!


Mary Savary brings us his thoughts on webcomic updates, and goes over The World’s Worst Webcomic, Avoid Spikes, Butternut Squash, Bugsport, Pirate & Alien, and Daedalus Blue. Also we have a Beacon Searchlight of Jakob’s Hourly Comic projectDon’t forget the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update!

Mark Savary takes a look at The World’s Worst Webcomic by Evil Couch, Avoid Spikes by Martin & Wolf, Butternut Squash by Ramón Pérez and Rob Coughler, Bugsport by Ted Bastien, Pirate & Alien by Tyson Smith, and Daedalus Blue by John Aggs and Dave Andrews.

Sites mentioned: Galaxion, School Spirit, Comic Genesis, Drunk Duck, Exiern, CSS Zen Garden, Net Mechanic, Coffee Cup, The Webcomic List ForumsDMFA, The Devil’s Panties, Penny Arcade, Templar Arizona, Queen of Wands, Something Positive, American Gothic, Girls with Sling-Shots, Girl Genius, Girl-a-Matic, Girl Wonder, Webcomics Weekly, Downloadable Content, Digital Strips, Art and Story, The Gig Cast, Kaspall, Punch and Pie, Jenny Everywhere, Blade of Toshubi, Also you can check out the prep work for the Halloween Cameo Caper 2008!

Webcomic Beacon #36: More on Conventions! … Also: Web Stats

Welcome to our new home on The Rampage Network, our new host! We thank our old host, Xepher.net, for hosting us up until now!

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron bring up the topic of CONVENTIONS on The Webcomic Beacon once again! This time we talk about Tanya’s experience at ComicCon! Later on in the show we talk about tracking web stats for your website! This week’s cover is done by Plughead of Sarah Zero! Thanks! Also, thanks to Jennie Breeden for introducing the show!



Mary Savary brings us a Webcomic Review of Transmissions! Don’t forget the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update! Milestones reported: School Spirit (600), 8:1 (5 years), The KAMics – Gertrude & Bruinhilda (100). Also we have a Beacon Searchlight of Circle vs Square this week!

Notes: Sites mentioned: The Devil’s Panties, Rooster Teeth, Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive, Geek Kon, Lab Bratz, Fallcon, Diana Nock’s Jinxville, Imaginary Friends Forever, Midwest Furfest, Code Name: Hunter, Hyatt Art Forums, Site 5, Go Daddy, Quantcast, Project Wonderful, Go Stats, Extreme Tracking, Stumbleupon, StatCounter, Miss/Mr/Thing ComicGenesis 2008, El Goonish Shive, The Geek Media, P.S.I., Betapwned,

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Webcomic Beacon #35: Comic Reviews: Comic Fencing and Webcomic Rescue #1

Fes and Aaron are joined by Delos of Comic Fencing! A multi-reviewer, comic review site. Briefly we are joined by John of The Rampage Network. Speaking of which, The Webcomic Beacon will be moving there next week. We’ll keep you posted!

This week we also have our first Webcomic Rescue segment covering Minos the Minotaur! Plus we touch base with Tanya while she’s at San Diego Comic Con! Also we have a Beacon Searchlight of Random Acts Comic this week!

Mary Savary comes back with a Webcomic Review of Inappropriate Irving (possibly NSFW)! Don’t forget the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update! Milestone reported LATE: Spiky Haired Dragon and Worthless Knight (700).


Congrats to the winners of the Jenny Everywhere “Draw” to Win WAGON Webcomic Battle Trading Card Contest! 1st place to Benj Christensen, 2nd to Jakob Burrows, and 3rd to Zach Holmes! See all of the entrants here on The Shifter Archive!