Webcomic Beacon: Jenny Everywhere “Draw” to Win contest results

Thanks to everyone that submitted to the contest, and congratulations to our winners! Additional postings will be post on The Shifter Archive website in a day or two. Winners, if you see this post before you get an e-mail, you will also be mentioned on the Webcomic Beacon when we record later today.

The “Draw to Win” contest was a join venture between The Webcomic Beacon podcast and the WAGON Webcomic Battle Trading Card Game. It ran during the Summer of 2008.

The contest was to get submissions of people Jenny Everywhere for special Jenny Everywhere cards for the trading card game.

Actually, it was the top 3 winners (by website voting), whose standings determined the cards. There were a total of 9 entrants.

The 3rd and 2nd place got to have an official card in opposing decks that were to be released (the “Alpha” and “Beta” decks). Both had very similar card stats, with slight opposing differences.

The 1st place winner got to be the first “starred” special card. It is an incredibly powerful card that was only available from special promotions; mainly from meeting The Webcomic Beacon or WAGON at conventions.

First Place (51%, 67 Votes)

Second Place (20%, 26 Votes)

Third Place (12%, 16 Votes)

Link to contest page.

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