Webcomic Beacon #31: Character Archetypes & Community Showcase: Cornstalker

Dawg and Komiyan of the Cornstalkers joins Fes and Aaron for another Community Showcase! Afterwards we discuss Character Archetypes in webcomics! No review this week, but we set our Beacon Searchlight on Insert Comic Here! Plus the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update!


Milestones reported this week: Calamities of Nature hits 1 year and Extra Life hits 7 years & 900 strips!

Also don’t forget the “Draw” to Win Contest! in conjunction with The Shifter Archive!

Notes: Sites mentioned this week: Angry D. Monkey, Darken, Cortland, Point Guardian, Super Fight Fight, Legostar Galactica, Reckless Youth, Pimpette & Associates, Elf Only Inn, Oops, Nevermind, The Green Avenger, Tales of the Traveling Gnome, Tales of Pylea, Knights of Vesteria, AntiBunny, Unamused Comics, Ugly Girl, Commissioned.

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