Webcomic Beacon #29: Wagon Webcomic Battle Trading Card Game

Michael Dellheim of WAGON Webcomic Battle joins Fes, Tanya and Aaron and we talk about a new Trading Card Game based on webcomics! Mark Savary reviews One Small Step, plus we have the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update!

Later in the show we also discuss a reinvention of the Brainstorms, where we will help existing webcomickers with their comics. Plus we bring back the webcomic Impressions in a whole new way! The Webcomic Searchlight! We start this thing of this week with Imy the Comic, Blip, and One Small Step!


Milestones reported this week: 8-Bit Theater hits 1000 strips, The 10 Doctors hist 100 strips, Hookie Dookie Panic hist 3 years and also finishes, Out There hits 2 years, and Metrophor has turns 2!

Sites mentioned this week: Point Guardian, Mind Mistress, Also keep an eye on The Shifter Archive for a special Jenny Everywhere contest to win a place on one of 3 new cards for the WAGON Webcomic Battle and decks!

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