Webcomic Beacon #27: Creativity Burnout and Writer’s Block

Fes and Aaron are joined by Mark Savary and Rob Powel of Steam Pirates, to talk about creativity burnout and writer’s block in the webcartooning world. Also Tanya shows up, eventually. Just a short show due to technical difficulties and that Fes is leaving for the ComicGenesis Cookout!

Mark Savary also reviews M for Mature Comics, as well as, Friendly Fire: On! Also, Brett Hailey returns with his own Casual Ramblings! Plus the Strip Fight.org Weekly Ringside Update! Milestones reported this week: Planet Saturday Comics hits 2 years!


Notes: Sites mentioned this week: Last Place Champs, The Mysterious Miss BunBun, including call-ins from Jazz and Jess, and Introspective Comics! (also see Comments since I may have missed them… or ran out of time to do them).

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