Webcomic Beacon #25: Community Showcase: The Webcomic List

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron face difficulties in organizing a forum approach on Skype, as we have members of The Webcomic List Forums on the show for a Community Showcase! This is an experimental episode. We hope to bring more showcases, though more structured, in the future!

Guests include: Dutch of School Spirit, EvilCouch of World’s Worst Webcomic and your mother, Glen of The Many Moons of Astra, Marko of Roomies, and Nismorak of The House of Madness.


Mark Savary also talks a bit about minimalist comics while reviewing Luz. No Impression this week, but we have the Strip Fight Weekly, Ringside Update! One milestone this week: Gordian Algebra hits 100 strips. Also World’s Worst Webcomic will be hitting 400 strips. Hey, I probably missed this before but Angry D. Monkey hit 4 years a couple weeks ago.

We received several e-mails this week! Thanks to James of Dr. Sheep and Aardvark, Ryan was pimpung Edenworld Saga, Matt of Brokenman Broken Man, and also thanks to fellow Xepher.net hostee, Rachel of Last Res0rt! Also, The Flowfield Unity has a new book out!

Also check out the Talk Shoe site for material cut from this week’s show!

Notes: Other sites mentioned: Insignificant Comics, Webcomic Wiki, The Webcomic List, WebcomicZ, Invincible Jeff,

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