Webcomic Beacon #22: Grayscale vs B&W vs Color Comics

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are joining by Michael Rouse-Deane of The Guest Strip Project to talk about Grayscale vs B&W vs Color comics! It was an Open Forum discussion with a chat room and call ins! Callers included Ryan Dow, Amy, Jakob, Tara, and Peter called in dropping a Canadian printing company: Art Bookbinder.

Mark Savary reviews Ted: Enter the Purple Gerbil; and Peter Tarkulich gives his impression of Anime Invasion: The Comic. Byron also comes in to promo Strip Fight!



Milestones: Sequential Art has passed 400 strips, Butternut Squash hits its 5th year, T-N-T hits 200, Bear and Kitten reached 100 strips and is also running a contest! Cartworks hits 1 year, Alternate Reality Worlds reaches a 3rd year, Unamused Comics hits 100, and Autumn Lake hits its 3rd year as well. Also Across the Way’s story has come to an end.

Notes: Other sites mentioned: Ka-Blam Printing, Dead Days, Out There, Bear And Kitten, Little Terrors, Octopuspie, Planet Karen, Thorn, Planet Saturday Comics, Sequential Art, Darken, Zebra Girl, Kaspall, Daisy is Dead, Project A.D.A.M., Odd Fish, Angry Little Robot, The House of Madness, Beaver and Steve, Newt and John, and 67th Avenue.

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