Webcomic Beacon #11: Open Forum Discussion #2, and Rene Engström Interview!

The candy is 50% off, and we had another open forum for this week’s show! We maybe mentioned Valentine’s Day, but we also talked about The Nominees of the WCCAs (vote soon!). We also interviewed Rene Engström of Anders Loves Maria *NSFW*! Also Brett Hainley rants about online dickery in his Casually Ramblings. Diana Nock gives us a review of Hold My Life, and Aarin Edwards gives his Impression of Stupid Robot.

NOTE: I want to apologize for the coincidence of Rene being on, as well as the Casual Ramblings statement on Something Awful (as Rene is an active member). Brett was given free reign of his subjects, and while heated, I choose not to censor his segment. However, this was not an intended correlation, and not meant to insult Rene in the least. I did apologize to Rene personally, and it’s water under the bridge. – Fes


Notes: Some other sites and webcomics mentioned on this week’s show include: The Best of What’s Left, Meiosis, Minus, Bear and Kitten, Cooties, Quitting Time, Coffee Time and Across the Way, Comixtalk.com, Comixpedia.com, and tons of comics listed as the nominees to The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards. (Vote Now!) And check out the ongoing comic strip contests at Strip Fight.org.

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I shop at Amazon and Newegg.com for new stuff. eBay for used stuff if I’m feeling daring and lucky. I don’t go anywhere else because I can’t be arsed to dick around a ton of places and weight the pros and cons of each and this and that. I like reviews of Amazon and Newegg. I mostly by Video games (almost always used) and computer stuff.

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Sorry about that, but we need very urgently to contact the administrator webcomicbeacon.com. There has not been able to find the feedback. Thank you!

Huh? Are you a bot? I don’t understand what you are having trouble with? Email is listed in several areas on the site.

Such as the “About Us” section.

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