First Issue Review #64: Valiant Entertainment’s Harbinger #1 (2012)

Harbinger #1 (2012)

The last review, of of the four “The Summer of Valiant” comics from 2012! It’s been looking good from Valiant so far. Can Harbinger #1 stand up to the rest?

Written by Joshua Dysart | Art by Khari Evans |
Colors Art by Ian Hannin | Lettering by Rob Steen |
Editor: Warren Simons with Jody LeHeup & Josh Johns
Published by Valiant Entertainment

Outro Music: Real Fucking Monster by Mayhem (feat. Azrael) from Lapfox Trax
Reviewed by: Fes Works, Marcus, and Jeremy Rodriguez

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It seems that the Spanish thought bubble said: “serial killers have feelings too”.

But then, I’m thinking it’s “asesino”, the first word you said. I could be wrong.

Of the Valiant comics, this one I liked the most. Because I like the x-men, but I also hate the x-men. So the opportunity of something similar but different is really interesting.

I have not read Harbinger past this comic, so I don’t know if it was brought up again, let alone resolved. I mean… You COULD argue that they didn’t have sex.. I mean, she is still clothed… But still, its kidnapping and violation, nonetheless.

As far as a “moral problem to deal with”, You would be hard pressed to find someone that did a rape story “right”. It’s such a touchy subject, with good reason, and, as far as comic stories go, You probably won’t find anyone that really used it more than a mew “plot point” and never actually dealing with the victim or the criminal in a proper way, etc.

True, I guess. I haven’t read that many comics to be sure.

Besides obvious immaturity, I suppose it’s plain hard to portrait the situation realistically and actually say something about the subject.

All I’ve seen so far regarding rape in comics is far removed from our reality, like in post-apocalyptic or fantasy (I’ve seen one page of Crossed, and it ruined my day). It’s just to show that those are brutal, savage times. But at the same time make it seem less real, because it’s not “our world”.

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