Webfiction World #10: Flash Fiction

Angie Capozello (Tech Tigger) and John Wiswell (The Bathroom Monologues) join A. M. Harte to talk to you about “Flash Fiction”. Flash Fiction, simply put, is typically when you write about 1000 words story.

Addergoole: Rainfall by Lyn Thorne-Alder & Elasmo, read by Jason Strawsburg

MusicWaiting for the Night by Furries in a Blender (Storm World)
*320k, Bass-boosted MP3 available for purchase.

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Well, that’s just great.
I predict MCM’s next “valid excuse” will be that he accidentally turned himself into a penguin after an accident involving an egg, a power surge, ice tea, and a microwave oven with two crossed wires.

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