First Issue Review #30: DC Comics’ Catwoman #1 (2011)

A look at DC Comics’ New 52: Catwoman #1 (2011)! Does it succeed or FAIL? Your reviewers are Fes Works, Melissa Kaercher and Marcus A.

Do know that while this show is available as a podcast, you miss out if you don’t watch the video! Also, all of the DC 52 First Issue reviews are relatively spoiler free. We co not give any spoilers about significant developments or endings, or try not to anyway.

There is a podcast version of this show available, but really, you want to watch the video instead. Especially for all of the visuals you are missing.

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The “fan pinup”-style of the cover set aside, I think it does a good job conveying Catwoman’s personality, and telling new readers that she’s an anti-hero. That’s why the diamonds are there.
(For those who are disappointed by the lack of diamonds in the comic, just remember that it’s the diamonds or the boobs. Take your pick.)

That’s a decent argument, but it still doesn’t really tell us ABOUT her. where she is from, and how it turned her into what she is now. As I said in the video, the comic has a lot of STARTS, without really finishing any thought.

Like if you were talking to someone and they tangented a question several times, and you never really got an answer.

But, perhaps, that’s enough for others.

And as far as an “anti-hero”… I didn’t even get that. Unless I am thinking of the wrong thing, an anti-hero doesn’t fit her. She’s too self-centric for that. She’s a rogue if anything. She might be Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil… I can’t really tell.

Well, they didn’t want to go into deeper detail too soon, or they would of course have referenced something in the way of how she came to be Catwoman, like in the movies, surrounded by cats, on the cover. What we’re left with is a relatively slow buildup, and #2 would have to be good to make up for that.

Basically, they were hoping to distract us with the boobs, much in the same way that you hoped to distract us with the turkey hat. As a means to an end, boobs don’t outweigh a good plot, unless you’re desperate, and don’t know your way around the Internet, as you said before. I would also give this a meh.

And, turkey hats… well played. Whenever I think of Catwoman in the future, I’m going to remember that hat… forever…

Moving on, the definition of “anti-hero” that I got from my own experience, coupled with use of the term, is a self-centered character. I’ve seen plenty of that type of anti-hero in literature, but YMMV.

As far as alignment goes, Catwoman isn’t really evil, so Chaotic Neutral is the better fit.
And yeah, she is definitely a rogue.

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