Webfiction World #9: Superhero Webfiction with Jim Zoetewey

People the world over are familiar with superhero comics, but what about in webfiction? Jim Zoetewey (In My Daydreams) joins A. M. Harte to talk to you about superhero webfiction. Producer Fes Works joins in during the second segment for discussion and perspective.

The Legion of Nothing: In the Public Eye by Jim Zoetewey, read by Kara Dennison


Music: Talkin’ by Kitcalibur (This Broken City)
*320k, Bass-boosted MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Legion of Nothing by Jim Zoetewey, Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin, Star Harbor Nights by Alexandra Erin, The Last Skull by Robert Rogers, Worm by Wildbow, Something Positive, Runaways, Legion of Net Heroes,  and Superguy.

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In an ideal world, would have also thought to mention:

Flyover City: A story of an unpowered man (who never gets powers) in a world of superheroes.

Wonder City stories: A very character focused look at people with powers, some of whom are superheroes, most of whom aren’t. It’s less a novel than a series of interconnected short stories.

Listening to the interview with Jim Zoetewey. Thanks for covering his site. I have been a fan since I found it a few years ago – and hope to work with him soon.

I’m glad there is a platform to help get the word out on web fiction and even spotlighting the superhero web fiction. I always think the challenge is that since we don’t have as many pictures, then we do not get the audience of mainstream comics.

Great interview!


@Hyperwarp85 Well, this is episode 09. He was still alive when we recorded episode 07… Can you believe he FORGOT we were recording? Idiot boy. Don’t worry, I’ll smack him hard and hopefully get him back on the wagon for the next time!

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