WCBN: Testing a Micro Podcast, Plus Jenny Everywhere Day

This is a test of the Webcast Beacon Network Podcast, which is mainly designed to offer a podcast version of the text news occasionally posted on this website…. and possibly for something else in the future. If you nab the master feed, you will catch this as well.

Diana Nock, the one who did the new Becky Beacon artwork for this website, has a Kickstarter running for her first book for The Intrepid Girlbot. So please check it out and lend your suppose/preorder!

Additionally, News on Jenny Everywhere Day:

It’s that time of year again. Jenny Everywhere Day 2011 is coming up fast (faster than I’d like at least 🙂 ).

I’ve talked to a couple of you already about this years event, but I wanted to do one email to everyone that’s participated in some fashion in the past in the hopes that most of you would be able to submit something again this year.

The event is August 13th, which is a Saturday this year. That’s just over 3 weeks away. Hopefully that’s not too soon for you guys.

I’m doing things a bit differently this year. For the first two years, I contacted people whose work I like from deviantart.com as well as a number of webcomic people.

Last year I sent out 300+ emails and got 11 submissions. Not terrible numbers, considering, but not great considering the amount of time I put into collecting all those addresses.

So this time around I’m skipping the deviantart stuff and sticking with people that have either worked with Jenny in the past or have expressed interest before.

If possible, please spread the word as much as humanly possible. The world of comics is a tight community and I’m sure that all of you have artist friends, please let them know about Jenny and about the event.

Please direct them to http://www.jennyeverywhereday.com as well as http://theshifterarchive.com/

This is the tenth anniversary of the Jenny’s creation and I’d really like to have a large number of submissions to really show off what’s possible with the character. Any and all submissions can be sent to this email (which I know is a different one than a few of you are used to).

As always I appreciate any efforts you can put forth and I completely understand if you’re busy with other things.

Thanks for your contributions in the past.
Benj Christensen

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