Webfiction World #2: Hows, Whys, Dos and Don’ts of Webfiction

A. M. Harte and MCM are here to give you some of the “Hows” and “Whys” of webfiction, as well as lots of “Dos” and “Don’ts”!

Reading: Spots the Space Marine: The Violinist (Chapter 6) by MCA Hogarth, read by Jason Strawsburg


Music: Back Home by Jackal Queenston (Conquer) *320k MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Web Fiction Guide, Muse’s Success, Goodreads Group, MeiLin Miranda, Lyn Thorne-Alder,

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Listening to the broadcast… I want to say that WordPress will install on your own host (for better control and more options than the wordpress.com build) and is easy to deal with as many big hosts often have WordPress already offered as an install option. Once it’s in, the upgrading and such is pretty easy to deal with, as is adding features (for blocking spambots, adding sharethis type buttons, etc.)

The nice thing is that WordPress menus also work on mobile phones. (I”ve tested it on my iphone and it works great.)

I’m a big fan in general of WordPress, because they’re great for un-savvy people like me!

But yes, I’ve heard many good things about WordPress for self-hosted sites too — and it must be nice not to be stuck with the in-built themes!

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