Webcomic Beacon #73: SUCK IT!

Fes, Tanya, and Mark discuss a lot of things, including forumite arguments, newspaper comics vs. webcomics, convention supplies and Jenny Everywhere appearances.  Mike Schlosky (Mikey’s Life) briefly joins the discussion.

Milestones: A kick in the head (2000 strips), Vlad the Vegan (1 yr), Anti-Zombie Army (200 strips), ADDANAC CITY (200 strips), Philosophers uncombed (100 strips), The Flying Tomato (100 strips), Out There (900 strips), War of winds (5 years)


Don’t forget that we’ll be at Penguicon this weekend!

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show: Comic Tools Blog, Webcomic list forum – Fountain Pen topic, Theory of Everything Comics, GOD™, Penguicon, Jenny Everywhere, Adam Smithee’s 24 Hour Comic, WebcomicZ, The Nipped Nap w/ Jenny Everywhere, Union of Heroes, Rocket Llama.

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